MFT Product Comparison Tool

MFT Product Comparison Tool

By filling in this short MFT requirements questionnaire, your answers will enable our experts to compare products for you based on your projects needs. Once reviewed we’ll be in touch to recommend the best fit for your business.

    • 01. Architecture & Connectivity
    • 02. Security & Automation
    • 03. Management & Visibility
    • 04. Comparison Result

    01. How are you planning to deploy MFT:
    02. How important is resiliency to your deployment?
    03. Do you require a development/testing environment?
    04. Do you require inbound connectivity?

    Please specify which:
    05. Do you require outbound connectivity?

    Please specify which:
    06. Do you require the need to move large amounts of data quickly?
    07. Do you have a specific operating system that MFT should be deployed on?
    08. Do you require the need to perform ad-hoc transfers or person-to-person transfers?

    09. Do you require data to be stored encrypted at rest?
    10. Do you need to comply with PCI DSS?

    Do you need to comply with any further specific regulations?

    11. Does your deployment need to offer ICAP scanning for AV/DLP integration?
    12. Do you require the need to connect to specific applications or interact with specific data formats?

    13. Do you require the ability to translate between different data formats?

    14. Do you require the MFT application to synchronise users from external sources?

    Please specify which:
    15. How important is visibility of usage/transfers and reporting to you?
    16. Are Role Based Access Controls important to you?
    17. Do you require the deployment to support API connectivity?